The province of Barsaive covers a huge expanse of land. Traveling from its southern boundary to its northern boundary would take a Name-giver forty days on foot, twenty-five on horseback. Traveling from Barsaive’s eastern edge to its western boundary would take them sixty days on foot, thirty-eight on horseback.

Though the exact borders of the province are not clearly defined, most Barsaivians accept the following landmarks as Barsaive’s boundary markers. The northern border ends at the Blood Wood, formerly called the Wyrm Wood, where the Elven Queen Content Not Found: Alachia presides over the Elven Court. The ocean of lava known as the Death’s Sea, where legend says that Death himself lies imprisoned, bounds Barsaive on the south. A blighted area known as The Wastes marks Barsaive’s western border. It includes the Poison Forest, a once-lush woodland blasted and corrupted by Horrors during the Scourge. The Aras Sea bounds Barsaive on the east, a saltwater ocean that connects Barsaive to other lands beyond the Kingdom of Throal and the Theran Empire.

Though most of Barsaive has recovered from the Scourge, many small mountain ravines and patches of land in the plains and jungles remain barren. Thriving towns and fertile farmland often surround these blighted spots, making their presence all the more peculiar.

Once the Scourge ended, the climate stabilized to its current temperature state. The average annual temperature in the province remains moderate, rising to somewhat uncomfortable levels during the warm season and dropping only slightly during the cool season. The present climate has its benefits, as it enables farmers to grow crops year-round.

The first half of the year comprise Barsaive’s rainy season. Most of the province receives moderate rainfall of forty to sixty inches per year, though southern Barsaive receives heavy rains. Most regions experience some precipitation throughout the year, except for areas along the Death’s Sea that suffer from constant drought.

Scatted across Barsaive, some members of each race are gathered in enclaves while others live in areas of mixed racial populations. The approximate distribution of races throughout Barsaive is estimated to be 32% dwarf, 19% orc, 16% human, 13% troll, 10% elf, 8% t’skrang, 1% obsidiman, and 1% windling.

In terms of population distribution, the province of Barsaive comprises three broad areas. The Kingdom of Throal in the Throal Mountains contains roughly 33% of Barsaive’s population. The highlands include all of Barsaive’s mountains and plateaus except the Throal Mountains and shelter 17% of the province’s population. The lowlands, which include most of the province’s jungles and plains as well as the Serpent River valley, provide a home to about 50% of the population. Of the people living in the lowlands, about 25% of Barsaive’s population lives in the cities of Haven, Kratas, Iopos, Jerris, and Travar. Outside the cities, the great lowland jungles and plains of Barsaive contain only 25% of the province’s population.


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